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Addiction Impacts

Author and Creator Susán Hoemke

Susán Hoemke knows firsthand what it's like to have a loved one who is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder and addiction. A wife and mother of four, her life took an unexpected turn in the form of her son Hayden’s battle with the disease of addiction (substance use disorder) and other subsequent family tragedies that taught her—the hard way—the challenges of living with this disease. Now, she hopes to not only bring awareness and understanding to Substance Use Disorder but also to offer hope and healing after loss. Her research, experience attending rehab meetings, time spent living with an addicted loved one and losing them to overdose enables her to speak on this subject from a deeply personal perspective.

Today, Susán is an author, public speaker, Certified Life Coach (C.L.C.), owner at You Abound, creator of IMAP Life program used by ISD’s, works with Collin County Special Courts, Co-director of Time Wise Truancy Prevention program, board president of Engage Collin County, and is the owner of a product development company. She lives in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, Carl, and youngest daughter, Olivia, while her other two adult children, Landon and Miranda, live in Austin.


Susán currently teaches IMAP across diverse forums and is a passionate speaker and panelist.

SPEAKING TOPICS:Susán presenting IMAP program to students.

-  IMAP for schools and educators

-  IMAP for students and young adults

-  Family to Family drug education/awareness

- Mental health and substance abuse

- Marriage during family crisis

- Recovering from the loss of a child

- Addiction and enabling

- Faith-Based Recovery


Designed to help youth and teens focus on their unique goals for the future, the I Make a Plan (IMAP) concept began as the backbone of Susán’s student presentations. Now, IMAP has evolved into an actionable tool used by educators, parents, and individuals, and the program has also been utilized by school districts in connection with Drug Awareness Week and Red Ribbon Week.

Learn more about Susán’s book Healing Scarred Hearts on her author website:


Mapping the Way to Be Drug Free

The IMAP LIFE Series curriculum provides easy to understand information that can be shared all year through short educational drug awareness lessons. Information and Images will greatly inform teachers, parents, and kids about substances, substance abuse, consequences and the disease of addiction. Teachers and parents talking often with kids about alcohol and drugs will give them a better chance of navigating their journey to steer away from drugs. The analogy of driving, planning, and getting ready for their journey through life is taught as if it is a road trip to be prepared for. Kids, pre-teens, and teens should feel they can ask questions and share their thoughts when talking to parents, teachers, and counselors. The more they know the better they can grow.