IMAP: I Make A Plan

I Make a Plan (IMAP) is a 95% paperless drug education and awareness program for students and taught by educators.  IMAP uses the analogy of a road trip to help students navigate their journey successfully through life by recognizing dangers, risk, reading signs, and taking the best pathway possible to reach their goals. The students will learn how to plan for their “life trip” and avoid the consequences of drug use.  The complete IMAP LIFE Series program contains nine topics with weekly lessons plus a mid-year review. The program is designed to be taught throughout the school year. IMAP begins with a short true story video to set up the reason for the content then is followed by an introduction, all lessons, and concludes with two Self-awareness lessons.

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Drug education and awareness program

Better drug awareness, education, and guide for Educators, Parents and Kids. Building bridges to connect conversation and be on the same safe path.




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